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A Connected Community Seeking Personal Wellness Through Plant Medicine Exploration

Collectively learning to achieve balance of self. 

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Beatrix Plaza is the founder and managing partner of CannaTh3rapyNY, LLC and its sister company CannaTh3rapyRVA,LLC.   Beatrix founded CannaTh3rapyNY, LLC
in 2018 as a vehicle to connect a community of people seeking educational and supportive resources to achieve self-healing and balance through intentional cannabis use. “I describe myself as a Canna-enthusiast, and as a former educator, I deeply believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking all things. Cannabis is a powerfully therapeutic plant and when consumed purposefully and responsibly, I deeply believe it can improve many areas of life.” Beatrix facilitates guided meditations incorporating spiritual reflection and sound bowl healing in her approach. She provides educational resources on using cannabis for self-managing holistic wellness, and works with her husband, Andreas Plaza, to promote Cannabis and plant medicine education.

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