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CADprofi version 11.09 160118: A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Features and Improvements

CADprofi version 11.09 160118: A Professional CAD Software for Engineers and Craftsmen

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable CAD software that offers solutions for various industries, such as building services, electrical engineering, plant engineering, architecture and mechanics, you might want to check out CADprofi version 11.09 160118. This is the latest version of the popular CAD application that works in the AutoCAD environment (and other Autodesk products), BricsCAD GstarCAD, progeCAD, ZWCAD, IntelliCAD and others.

CADprofi version 11.09 160118

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In this article, we will give you an overview of what CADprofi is, what's new in version 11.09, and how to buy and download it.

What is CADprofi?

CADprofi is a professional software for engineers and craftsmen that helps them create technical drawings quickly and easily. It consists of four modules that can be purchased separately or as a suite:

CADprofi Suite

This is the most comprehensive package that includes all four modules:

  • CADprofi Architectural for designing architectural plans, sections, elevations, and views.

  • CADprofi Mechanical for designing mechanical drawings, such as machinery, parts, assemblies, schematics, etc.

  • CADprofi HVAC & Piping for designing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, gas, medical, fire safety, and other installations.

  • CADprofi Electrical for designing electrical diagrams, lighting systems, telecommunications, security systems, etc.

Each module has a rich library of symbols and objects that comply with various standards and regulations. You can also customize and create your own symbols and objects using the built-in editor.


This is a collection of symbols libraries that can be used with any CAD program that supports DWG or DXF formats. It includes over 30 series of symbols for different fields of engineering and design:

  • CP-Symbols Architectural Series for architectural drawings.

  • CP-Symbols Mechanical Series for mechanical drawings.

  • CP-Symbols HVAC&Piping Series for HVAC and piping drawings.

  • CP-Symbols Electrical Series for electrical drawings.

You can buy each series separately or as a suite.

CADprofi OEM

This is a special offer for manufacturers who want to provide their customers with a customized version of CADprofi that includes their own products and libraries. This way, they can increase their brand awareness and sales potential. Some examples of manufacturers who use CADprofi OEM are:

  • BKT Elektronik a leading manufacturer of telecommunication cables and accessories.

  • Reflex a leading manufacturer of expansion vessels and heat exchangers.

  • WILO a leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems.

  • Lovato a leading manufacturer of electrical components and automation systems.

What's New in CADprofi Version 11.09?

CADprofi version 11.09 introduces many new features and improvements that enhance the functionality and usability of the software. Here are some of the highlights:

CADprofi Architectural new command Roofs

This command allows you to draw roofs with different shapes and slopes easily. You can also add dormers, skylights


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