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Throw-in betting: What is it? Betting methods for newcomers

Throw-in betting is a question that many participants in football betting often wonder about when they first hear about this type of bet. Throw-in betting is considered one of the most intriguing bet types available today, but not everyone is familiar with it. In today's article, we'll provide you with detailed and accurate information about this type of wager and help you find the answer to the question, what is Throw-in betting?

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Throw-in betting – Understanding the concept

Throw-in betting in football betting is understood as a type of bet with extensive coverage among leading bookmakers today. In these bets, the primary focus is on the total number of Throw-in from both teams in a match, which helps players determine the outcome of their bets.

Each Throw-in is counted based on fundamental principles established in football matches. When the ball goes out of the touchline and touches a player from Team A, Team B gains the right to take a Throw-in, and this count is included in Throw-in betting.

According to other articles discussing Throw-in betting, this type of Throw-in is also seen as a way to restart a match. When the ball rolls out of the touchline, the team granted the Throw-in right will immediately take the kick from where the ball went out of bounds.

In football betting, different types of Throw-in bets are specified, depending on various bookmakers. These Throw-in kick bets include: the first team to take a Throw-in, and the last team to take a Throw-in.

Throw-in betting – Essential betting formats to know

Each bookmaker offers different Throw-in betting formats, and most of these betting formats are summarized in the following article:

Over/Under betting in Throw-in kicks

To understand the concept of Throw-in betting, let's delve into the first betting format: over/under betting. In this type of bet, players base their predictions on the total number of Throw-in by both teams in the first half and throughout the entire match.

It's unnecessary to focus on which team will have more Throw-in or take the first Throw-in. Instead, pay attention to the total number of Throw-in by both teams during the match. Therefore, bookmakers often rely on analysis and provide players with an average number.

You can choose over or under as follows:

The bookmaker sets a number, let's call it 'n.'

If you choose over, the total number of Throw-in by both teams needs to be n+1 or more for you to win. If the number is n+1 or more, you win; if it's n-1 or lower, you lose. If it's exactly n, it's a draw.

For under, it's the reverse of the above.

First Throw-in betting in a match

For betting enthusiasts trying to understand what Throw-in betting is all about, this type of bet is the simplest within Throw-in betting and often relies on chance. With this type of bet on the first Throw-in, bookmakers find it challenging to predict or analyze.

If you choose to wager on this format, you primarily rely on intuition and simply place your bet on the home or away team. To make an accurate prediction about which team will take the first valid Throw-in in the match is the only consideration.

Asian Handicap Betting

Based on the information from articles on Throw-in bets, it must be said that Asian handicap betting is also one of the common bets. Players often lean towards placing bets on over or under based on their own predictions. The calculation of bets will also be based on the total number of Throw-in from both teams that we will bet more or less than the other team.

The calculation method for Asian handicap bets based on Throw-in allows players to choose whether to place bets in the first half or for the whole match, depending on their personal preferences. For those bettors exploring what Throw-in are about but unaware that this bet relies on which team kicks more Throw-in and exceeds the handicap ratio, resulting in a win.

Players will receive an amount equivalent to the odds set by the bookmaker beforehand. There are three possible outcomes: win half, win full, or draw. It's quite a sophisticated way of placing Throw-in bets, isn't it?

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What is the method of placing Throw-in bets?

To secure victory in each bet, besides understanding what Throw-in are, players need to choose a reputable and transparent bookmaker. Next, we'll provide some issues and methods you can rely on to increase your winning odds:

Choose strong teams

For newcomers understanding the concept of Throw-in, it's advisable to choose strong teams as they generally have more Throw-in opportunities compared to weaker teams. This is a significant advantage, especially during strong team attacks when weaker teams tend to kick the ball out of bounds.

Understand the playing styles of teams

Teams' playing styles significantly influence Throw-in situations in a match. Teams using tactics that focus on the midfield might result in fewer Throw-in, unlike teams employing wing-based strategies.

Analyze match factors

Match factors are frequently discussed in articles about Throw-in bets and are considered focal points in these bets. In intense competitions, championship matches, or relegation battles, pay attention to the attractiveness factor and teams that often use safety-first tactics.

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The article compiles comprehensive and detailed information about what Throw-in are and methods to play Throw-in to increase winning chances and rewards. We hope that through this brief article from Wintips, you'll gain more experience and pocket attractive sums by betting on this enticing type of bet.


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