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The Benefits and Features of Stremler's Introduction to Communication Systems: A Detailed Analysis

CDMA, or code division multiple access, is a method of multiple access that is used in ISDN and in several commercial mobile systems. CDMA involves using the same range of frequencies for all communication links and sending information within the available bandwidth using pseudorandom noise code sequences. Its attraction is that the same bandwidth can be used in all links in the network (neither the bandwidth nor the carriers are divided up amongst the individual users) as each user receives exactly the information intended for him. This is made possible by using distinctive coding sequences for each signal such that the receiver can lock on to a particular user signal. This technique eliminates fading that occurs in the propagation medium over very short distances. In this chapter, a detailed description of CDMA techniques is given and a brief description of its applications in mobile radio is also included.

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The rest of this book presents a thorough introduction to communication systems, including an introduction to the mathematics that underlies such systems. Emphasis is placed on the engineering aspects of signal design and modulation. The techniques that I employ to present the mathematics are much more integrated than they are in other systems textbooks. I believe that this integration is an important and interesting feature. Of course, the representation of mathematics in traditional systems textbooks is shaped by the demands of the time. This book, being written in 2018, has become very much less demanding in this respect. The authors of modern systems textbooks now tend to simplify mathematical development for the sake of a more theoretically sound presentation. For example, instead of first representing a signal, its Fourier transform, and then back, the author now starts with the Fourier transform and goes on to build up the original signal from the transform. The most difficult and time-consuming part is not yet treated. Other students see a mathematical development with rather loose connections between the components (waveforms, spectra, and so on). They often have the impression that mathematics is not a science at all.


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