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One such claim was the promise of multiplayer, which appeared to have been left out, amongst other things. It wasn't until 2018 that the game finally got its significant update that included the chance to allow players to enjoy this empty world with others Diablo 4 Gold, and it finally started making its mark again.

9 Elder Scrolls Online

This now successful MMO didn't quite interest fans during its original release. As a game that hoped to finally bring a co-op experience to the Elder Scrolls, when it released, players felt that it didn't truly fit the scale of the franchise it represented.

From its average reviews by critics, Elder Scrolls Online was struggling. Finally, ZeniMax, the developers of the MMO, decided to scrap its subscription for a one-time payment that saw a resurgence of players. Alongside, countless expansion packs that expanded the possibilities of play in Tamriel

8 Fortnite

It's odd to consider that Fortnite ever did poorly, especially with how successful the Battle Royale section of the game is, where players battle against one another to be the last team standing. Though when the game was originally conceived there was another mode alongside the royale, this was Fortnite: Save The World.

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Feeling as though this tower-defense mode was holding back Fortnite, Epic Games decided to split them in two buy Diablo IV Gold, making Fortnite a free-to-play battle royale and keeping Save The World as a premium paid mode. This allowed Fortnite to become the classic players know, but at the expense of its defense counter-part.


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